Dragon – University Assignment

This Dragon was modelled for an assignment as a joke, I was working on a simple interactions demo in which I’d implemented the Crossbow and a simple archery target. One of my colleagues at Uni jokingly told me that it needed more Dragons, I felt up to the challenge, so that same evening I began modelling the head of the Dragon based off a terrible sketch I drew on the hour long train ride home.


Within 3 days I had the full Dragon modelled and Textured and complete with a simple skeletal rig. By the next class (the following week) I had the Dragon traversing a simple path breathing fire every 7.5 seconds.


This Dragon was modelled in Maya 2012, and textured in Photoshop CS5.

Additional Images:

Dragon_WF_01 Dragon_WF_02 Dragon_WF_03

Crossbow – University Assignment

During the end half of the second semester of 2012 everyone in my class group was tasked with creating playable games of some description. I had created numerous art assets for other projects during the first half of the semester among those was a crossbow.


Without the bolts the crossbow alone came in at 2250 polygon tris which was the original target budget I’d set myself at the beginning. As the project grew in scope, and the crossbow’s purpose was slightly abstracted I knew I’d have to model a lower polygon version, or at least reduce the polygon count of the existing one.


The lower polygon version was only 1000 polygon tris including one bolt (888 with no bolt), it was created using the original crossbow as a template, removing polygons in a way as not to impact greatly on the UV mapping of the model. In the end parts of the UV map were redone and laid out differently which required me to create a new diffuse map (though a lot of texture elements were pulled from the original diffuse map and recycled).

Sword and Crate – University Assignment

Early in 2012 I was tasked with modelling two assets from a pool of various concept art.

The models I chose were a rugged looking sword and a large wooden shipping crate, both had a polygon budget of around 1500 tris, and required diffuse maps to be created to match the art style of the concept art, consequently I never bothered to create a specular, or normal map as they were not part of the assignment criteria.


This crate was modelled in Maya 2012, and textured in Photoshop CS5.

Sword_01Sword and Crate

This sword was modelled in Maya 2012, and textured in Photoshop CS5.

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VF-1 Valkyrie – University Assignment

A VF-1 Valkyrie from Macross/Robotech that I was tasked with modelling for a CGI Modelling course at University in 2012. The model contains around 13600 tris which falls short of the allocated 15000 tris. Given more time I would have fleshed out the cockpit section a lot more and improved the under section of the body of the craft.

This was my first time modelling an aircraft based on concept art, I’ve learned a lot since modelling this and if I had my time on it over again, I can think of many things I’d have done differently.


This VF-1 Valkyrie was modelled in Maya 2011, and textured in Photoshop CS5.

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